One Frame Media

Drone - Photo - Video


We offer professional photography services covering various subjects: Events, Weddings, Conferences, Families, Portraits, Commercial, Fashion & Design, Real Estate ...


Professional videography service based in Dubrovnik, specialized in Event Video, Conferences, Meetings & Launches, Social Media Video, Promo & Corporate Videos, Weddings ... We are helping businesses & brands to achieve more with video!

Drones / Aerial

Certified pilots and professional drones ensure highest quality aerial photos & videos. We are fully certified and insured UAV operators in accordance with the Croatian law.

Who we are - What we do.

We are a creative team of enthusiasts with years of professional experience in the photography, videography and drone industry, in our free time we are paassionate bikers, sailorsĀ  and adrenalin seekers!

We provide unique and quality photos & videos, capturing important moments and creating memories which last a liftime.

Our Clients / Partners: